Stillman Business Online

With Stillman Business Online Banking, you have a partner to help your business grow. This cash management product is designed to assist you with the management of your business by:

  • Better Control of Cash Flow
  • Improved Efficiency and Profitability
  • 24-Hour Account Accessibility

Stillman Business Online is a real-time, online system, so you have access to the same up-to-the-second account information available in the bank. Using your Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can access your account information anytime, anywhere. There’s no software to install and you control all user access and security features.

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  • View Account Balances — Stillman Business Online provides real-time (up-to-the-second) balance and detailed activity information for all of your commercial checking, savings and loan accounts. Account information can be easily and quickly accessed – anytime, anywhere.
  • Account Transaction History — Access both prior (up to 90 days) and current day account activity. You may also view a range of transactions sorted by date, check number or transaction amount.
  • Company Defined User Access — Access the system with your own ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can authorize access for others as well—your bookkeeper or accountant, for example. You decide who has access and at what level, and who does not – and you can change that access whenever you want.
  • Download Capabilities — Download account information into financial management software, such as Quicken®.
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts — Initiate transfers between your Stillman Bank business accounts quickly and easily. You can even make Stillman Bank loan payments.
  • Stop Payments — These can be submitted electronically, directly into the bank’s computer system 24 hours a day.
  • Secure Banking — Stillman Business Online is extremely secure, with state-of-the-art safety procedures and technologies working together to create a safe environment for your online banking activities.

Transfer Funds Between Accounts

No more paperwork, phone calls or trips to the bank! This fast and secure service allows the immediate transfer of funds. For example, funds can be quickly moved from your company’s Operating Account to your Payroll account on the day you need it.


  • Convenient online initiation of funds transfers directly from your internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Immediate transfer of funds for real-time funds disbursement.
  • Ability to set up transfers on a future date, or create recurring transfers.
  • Multiple levels and types of security to keep your transactions safe and prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.
  • Make Stillman Bank loan payments. You can set up a one-time payment or a recurring transfer for the life of the loan and never write a check.

Stop Payments

Now you can stop payment on a check day or night without having to call the bank. Simply complete the online form, print, sign, and mail or fax-you’re finished. In addition, a detailed listing of all stop payments in the system is available for viewing and printing.


  • Save time by placing stop payments via the Internet.
  • Eliminates having to call the bank.
  • Enhances internal audit controls by allowing you to initiate and verify status of stop payments until issue is resolved.


  • Internet access by authorized employees.
  • Perform a check inquiry by entering the check number and amount to determine if the check in question has been paid.
  • Your stop-pay instructions are immediately updated in our Deposit and Teller system. There is a required confirmation form generated for you to sign and mail or fax to us.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

Direct Deposit Payroll through ACH is an efficient and cost-effective service for your company and employees. It is safer and more convenient than using paper payroll checks. Separate contract required.

  • Direct deposit payroll capabilities
  • Company defined user access
  • Export ACH files
  • ACH debits/credits originated (additional charges apply)


  • The cost is only a fraction of what it costs to process your payroll via paper checks.
  • Improves your efficiency of operations.
  • Improves cash flow because electronic funds transfers clear on a more predictable schedule than checks.
  • Elimination of lost or stolen payroll checks.
  • Create the entire payroll online or upload from your NACHA compatible software.
  • Provides automatic depositing when employees are on vacation, business trips or sick leave.

Questions? Call your local Stillman Bank office or send us an e-mail.

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