You hear of fraud happening to people on the news, but you typically think it won’t actually happen to you, right? Think again. Fraudsters are employing schemes that are trickier than ever and even the most cautious people are feeling the impact. Researchers have found that investment fraudsters hit their targets with an array of persuasion techniques that are tailored to the victim’s psychological profile. Click the link below to read about the most common fraud schemes and what you can do to protect your money.

Common Fraud Schemes

All scammers have one thing in common: they hope you are too embarrassed to tell anyone that you fell for a scheme or too proud to admit you were tricked and keep sending money their way to show you were right all along. If you think you are being scammed check with someone you trust. A banker or attorney can help you protect your money and identity. There are many other scams out there including ones involving your computer. Be careful when letting anyone on your computer or electronic device, when opening emails from someone you don’t know or downloading attachments or files.

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