Stillman Bank | Still Local. Still Solid. Still Here For You

Since we opened our doors in 1882, we have spent nearly 138 years building a sound reputation of service throughout the communities we serve. We are proud to still remain locally owned and headquartered right here in the Rock River Valley and through the good times and bad, we have remained true to our values – and true to our communities.

We understand the world is looking much different nowadays and it seems impossible to think about things going back to “how they used to be.” In fact, it seems all we do know is that it is everchanging.

Despite these uncertainties, you can feel confident in knowing we will be here when you need us. Since our founding, we have remained steadfast on the notion that our customers are not just an account number; they are people with individual needs. We will continue to work diligently with every resource we have to navigate through all the programs that are being established to serve our customers, small businesses, and our local agencies that provide assistance to our most vulnerable. At Stillman Bank, we will be here for you – every step of the way. This will not last forever. We know there is still numerous celebrations to be a part of, many hugs to still be given, and much more magic to see in the world.

Until them, we will continue to serve you from a distance with kindness and grace sharing the narrative we have been promoting for well over a century: the importance of bringing the “community” to community banking

We are still local, still solid, and still here for you.