Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

Perspective on Recent Market Volatility The human tragedy that has unfolded in recent weeks has been difficult for many and our hearts go out to those that have been affected. While the pain and suffering of fellow global citizens can’t be overlooked, we also have a fiduciary duty to our clients to analyze these events in… Read More

The Most Important Thing

The Most Important Thing Legendary investor Howard Marks summed up 40 years of a successful investing career with a book titled The Most Important Thing. Aspiring investors flocked to learn what was the most important thing when it came to investing money. The genius of it was that each chapter outlined a different most important… Read More

Should You Be Concerned About Inflation?

Should You Be Concerned About Inflation? It seems like everywhere you look; prices are going higher. People are paying more at the pump. Lumber at the hardware store is three times more than what it was 2 years ago. Things like the food at the grocery store, clothes, coffee, and housing have all seen price… Read More

Why You Should Use a Corporate Trustee

Why You Should Use a Corporate Trustee If you decide to establish a trust as a part of your estate plan, either under your will or by a separate trust agreement, one of the most important decisions you will need to make is who to name as trustee.  You can name an individual, such as… Read More

Economic Outlook – Winter 2021

Economic Outlook – Winter 2021 Will the COVID-19 vaccine finally unleash a cabin-fever crazed consumer and continue to fuel economic expansion in 2021? January 2021 continued 2020’s trend of surprises with some interesting activity. For one, we saw a large number of retail investors organize themselves via the social media app Reddit, in an effort… Read More