How To Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks

Smishing (a portmanteau word combining SMS and phishing) are attacks that occur when cyber attackers use SMS, texting, or similar messaging technologies to trick you into taking an action you should not take. Perhaps they fool you into providing your credit card details, get you to call a phone number to get your banking information, or convince you to fill out an online survey to harvest your personal information. Just like in email phishing attacks, cybercriminals often play on your emotions to get you to act by creating a sense of urgency or curiosity, for example.

However, what makes messaging attacks so dangerous is there is far less information and fewer clues in a text than there is in an email, making it much harder for you to detect that something is wrong. To find out how you can spot messaging attacks quickly and stop a cyber attack in its tracks, click the link below.

How to Spot and Stop Messaging Attacks

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