Stillman Text Banking & Alerts

Text-Based Account Alerts

With Stillman Mobile Alerts, you have more banking power at your fingertips. This automated service will deliver updates about your Stillman Checking, Savings, and Loan accounts right to your cell phone or other text-enabled mobile device. You can set up alerts at the frequency you choose or when certain conditions occur.

Text Banking & Alerts Authorization Form

Text Banking

Access your account in seconds with Stillman Mobile Text Banking. Just text us a command and we’ll respond with the account information requested. It’s never been faster or easier to retrieve your account information!

Once it’s set up, you can text commands to 877-523-5645 anytime and receive account information back.

  • BAL – Account balance
  • HIST – Last five transactions
  • XFER – Transfer funds between your accounts
  • HELP – Retrieves a list of valid commands
  • SUSPEND/STOP – Deactivates your text banking services

Types of Alerts

  • Balance Alerts tell you the balance in your checking, savings, or loan account. You can have your account balance sent to you via text message at the frequency you choose. These alerts can help you monitor large transactions, account activity, and account balance.
  • Threshold Alerts help you stay updated on your account balance by sending you real-time text message alerts when your account balance drops below a certain threshold that you have set up. If your account dips below this threshold, Stillman Bank will send you a text message.
  • Debit Card Transaction Alerts will notify you anytime a debit card on your account is used at an ATM or to make a purchase, allowing you to track your expenditures and monitor for fraud in real-time. You can receive a text within minutes of using your card! (Must use the Stillman Debit Card)


Stillman Mobile Alerts and Text Banking are available at no charge; however, text messaging fees from your wireless provider may apply.

Getting Started

To get started, please complete the Stillman Mobile Text Banking and Alerts authorization form and drop it off or mail it to any of our locations. If you need to make any changes to your alerts, please contact us.

It’s that simple! Take control of your finances and get real-time updates—anytime, anywhere.

Text Banking & Alerts Authorization Form